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Towards more efficient use of networks

The year 2014 has shown that the growth markets can be found further and further away. Market access can be made easier for Finnish companies through effective trade agreements and customers can be found through effective networks. Chambers of commerce want to continue to open up the markets for

Returning power to market forces

Economic development seems anything but smooth in many markets. However, some recovery can be seen in America and Asia, as unique market dynamics create growth. The situation is becoming increasingly poor in Latin America which is struggling with protectionism while Europe has become stagnated due

Not forgetting Europe

The recent EU election has shown that Finland has to improve in matters concerning the EU. The EU significantly shapes the environment in which our companies operate and opens new possibilities for business. The competitiveness of our companies must be ensured by proactive lobbying. Finnish

Predict the market and utilize networks

International trade will pick up during 2014. The recovery of major markets in Asia, America and even Europe will inevitably improve Finland’s export opportunities. As the recession subsides, trade has to be secured through credible rules. Protectionism should be eliminated. The recent WTO deal