The Board of Business Practice (LTL)

The Board of Business Practice (Liiketapalautakunta, LTL) was set up in 1937 to promote self-regulation and to prevent unfair competition and illicit trade practices. Still, its function is the same. It seeks to provide companies with a rapid and effective procedure to settle disputes about unfair trade practices. The LTL applies Consolidated ICC Code as such.

A complaint to the LTL must be submitted in writing. The complaint may also be submitted in English only. The complaint is then sent to the opposing party for a written response, which is required within two weeks. After rendering its decision the LTL sends its decision to both parties.The LTL´s adjudications are confidential. However, in the event of a respondent´s non-compliance, the complainant may be authorised to publish the decision.

A fee for a complaint is EUR 2.000. In case the complaint is exceptionally extensive the fee is EUR 2.500.


Tel. +358 9 4242 6200
Fax +358 9 4242 6257

The Board of Business Practice
Finland Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 1000
FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland