International Chamber of Commerce Cooperation

The world’s 12,000 chambers of commerce form a global network that reaches millions of member companies around the globe.

The International Chamber of Commerce

The International Chamber of Commerce ICC operates in Paris. Its local branches around the world and in Finland are in charge of the international cooperation of business and industry in politics regarding trade, competition, taxation and economy.

Together with the German research institute Ifo, ICC publishes the ”World Economic Survey,” an inventory of the global economy.


Eurochambers, the joint organ for European chambers of commerce, promotes economic growth and competitiveness. It has over 20 million member companies from 45 different countries. Ninety-three per cent of these are small- or medium-size enterprises.

Cooperation with the Baltic and Nordic Chambers of Commerce

The Chambers of Commerce in the Baltic States and in the Nordic countries work in different ways and in different forums for the benefit of companies. The Finland Chamber of Commerce and the Regional Chambers of Commerce are involved in this cooperation.

Cooperation with German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHK)

Finnish companies can benefit from the commercial services provided by the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHK) which operate in 90 countries. Market analysis, customer search, legal, financial and tax consultancy and network events are typical AHK services. Prices for AHK services vary according to the destination country. It is also possible to utilize Team Finland funding when purchasing services. The service is available in German and in the language of  the destination country, and most often in English.

Russia’s Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Finland Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, and Northwest Russia’s Chambers of Commerce and Industry focus on matters regarding customs and logistics, improvement of investment conditions, business ethics, and arbitration.

Euroarctic Chamber of Commerce

Euroarctic Chamber of Commerce EACC is the cooperation organisation for the Barents region’s Chambers of Commerce. EACC assembles from among its members the BBAG, which represents the business community in the Barents’ council’s work group for economic issues. Lapland’s Chamber of Commerce’s CEO Timo Rautajoki is the chairman of both of these organisations.

Chambers of Commerce in the World

World Chambers Network WCN is a global information network for the chambers of commerce and their millions of member companies.

World Chambers Federation WCF is the joint organisation of the chambers of commerce worldwide.