Internationality and Businesses

The International Cooperation of Chambers of Commerce

The chambers of commerce are globally renowned commercial and industrial organisations. There are over 12,000 chambers of commerce in the world, each experts in their own area’s business scene. Here you’ll find the international chamber of commerce organisations and their local chambers throughout the world.


Finland Chamber of Commerce’s Arbitration Board helps with trade-related dispute matters, even on the international level. You’ll find more information in the Arbitration Board’s website.

Documents for Foreign Trade

The chambers of commerce grant and confirm documents related to international trade. These include foreign trade documents, confirmations of commercial invoices, Force Majeure certificates, and recommendations for export companies and personnel. Find more information here.

Foreign Trade Folders

The foreign trade folders help businesses in matters related to international trade. They contain the most important and useful information to facilitate foreign trade. For more information please contact your local chamber in Finland.

Model Contracts

The International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) model contracts help companies draw up foreign trade-related contracts quickly and safely. You can find model contracts that fit your business’s needs from the website of ICC’s Finnish branch.


The chambers of commerce organise versatile training regarding international affairs. You’ll find more information on training by visiting your local chamber of commerce website.


FinnCham: The global FinnCham network gathers up trade associations, chambers of commerce and guilds in order to encourage the internationalisation and promote the export efforts of Finnish companies. The network reaches from China to Korea, Africa to Argentina and America.

FinnCham co-operates with Team Finland.

The Team Finland network got off to its official start on 1 February 2013. The network’s main task is to promote Finland’s economic interests and country brand throughout the world. The network abroad, consisting of 72 local teams, plays a key role in its operation. Each local team gathers together the Finnish authorities, publicly funded organisations, and other central actors representing Finland in the particular country.