Certificates of Origin

The European Union’s Certificate of Origin is an export-specific document indicating the origin of the goods. Certificates of Origin are issued by the Chambers of Commerce.

Export processes

    European Union non-preferential Certificate of Origin

    The European Union non-preferential Certificate of Origin primarily indicates the origin of goods in order to allow customs clearance or commercial rules to operate in the country of destination. A non-preferential Certificate of Origin does not confer preferential tariff treatment and is mainly used with countries that do not have a free trade agreement with the EU. Companies can check in the EU Market Access Database whether the destination country requires a Certificate of Origin.

    The Chambers of Commerce issue Certificates of Origin through the export documents service

    Vientiasiakirjat.fi is an e-service for foreign trade documents. Companies can use it to apply for European Union non-preferential Certificates of Origin and to apply for confirmation of documents such as commercial invoices, packing lists and price lists.

    A company registers as a user using the form on the home page of the service When registering, the authorization document is completed and signed. The authorization document means that the company undertakes to comply with the general terms and conditions of use of the service  and the Chamber of Commerce’s rules on European Union non-preferential Certificates of Origin. At the same time, the company appoints an administrator who is responsible for creating and managing other users in the company. User rights to the service are always individual and may not be transferred to another person.

    Applications for documents in the service are processed during office hours by accredited staff in the Chambers of Commerce. The price list for services is given on the site. The customer prints the Certificate of Origin approved electronically by the Chamber of Commerce on a standard blank form and other validated documents on plain paper.

    Companies can order standard blank forms from their own Chamber of Commerce.

    Internationally verified Certificates of Origin

    The Finnish Chambers of Commerce are accredited members of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) CO Chain. This means that the company or authority receiving the Certificate of Origin can verify the authenticity of the certificate on the ICC website.

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