Management of foreign trade processes

In foreign trade, the competent management of trade processes is part of companies’ international competitiveness, good customer service and proficient risk management. At the same time, various unnecessary export and import costs can be avoided and cut.

Management of trade processes covers a wide range of export and import trade procedures, from contract and supply chain management to payment methods. Different international models, recommendations, guidelines, and standards help to manage trade processes.

The International Chamber of Commerce is a leading international harmoniser of trade processes and trade practices that, within international guidelines, recommendations and models, helps export and import companies, banks and logistics operators with everyday challenges.

The ICC provides companies with the following guidelines, recommendations, and templates:

  • Delivery: Incoterms 2020 delivery terms and, in Finland, Standard Shipping Terms 2008
  • Financing: UCP600 letter of credit rules related to trade finance, URC522 Rules for Collections, ISP98 Standby letter of credit rules, URDG758 demand guarantee rules and URF800 forfaiting rules
  • Model contracts: contract models such as ICC International Model Sale Contract, ICC Agency Model Contract and ICC Distributorship Contract, ICC Force Majeure and Hardship Recommendation and other contract models.

These contract, delivery and payment method models can be used as such or applied in the everyday life of companies in foreign trade. In Finland, they can be ordered through the ICC store.