Property Valuation

Searching for a property valuer? You can contact Raisa Harju (raisa.harju(a) or Mari Virta (mari.virta(a)

Authorised property valuers (AKA) represent the best know-how in their field. Their task is to impartially estimate the value of a property.

The subject of inspection can be anything ranging from a summer cottage to a major business center. Our services are often used in tasks that require impartiality, such as in conflict situations and for challenging properties – for example golf courses, hotels, and shopping centers.

Raisa Harju, Lawyer, Finland Chamber of Commerce

The approximately 200 AKA valuers operating in Finland evaluate several thousand properties annually. Their expertise is ensured by an examination, the passing of which requires experience and deep knowledge in the field. The activities and maintenance of the profession are supervised by the Property Valuation Board of Finland Chamber of Commerce, which also handles possible complaints.