Cooperation with Russia

Russia has consolidated its position as Finland’s third largest trading partner. Together with its Chambers of Commerce, the Finland Chamber of Commerce supports the success of Finnish companies in Russia.

Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce (FRCC)

The Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce (FRCC) is an expert organisation in Russian trade, which combines Finnish competence and the Russia of opportunities. The over 20 experts on trade in Russia at the FRCC serve over 660 Finnish and Russian member companies, and help anyone interested in trading in Russia. FRCC provides up-to-date and reliable information on trade in Russia and the business environment. In matters regarding Russia, the Finland Chamber of Commerce cooperates with the FRCC in the Business Team for Russia network together with the Confederation of Finnish Industries, the East Office of Finnish Industries and Suomen Yrittäjät. You can read more about the Business Team for Russia network here.

Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Russia operate in trade, customs and traffic matters and seek to promote the internationalisation of Russian companies. The Finland Chamber of Commerce and the regional Chambers of Commerce cooperate with the Russian Chambers of Commerce in various ways, by organising business meetings and helping with practical problems concerning customs and foreign trade documents, such as certificates of origin and ATA carnets.

Anne Hatanpää

Liaison Manager, International Affairs

+358 50 320 9539